Kick Boxing Training Tips for Women

Hit like a Girl

How do you best learn kickboxing? How much time do you need for this? Which tools are there? We want to answer these questions here.

Beginners mistakes in Kickboxing training are often a bad stance, a low cover and unnecessary Lack of technical execution of the boxing techniques and kicks. For beginners it is important that they are already corrected in the dry exercises and the loose training techniques on the partner. Otherwise, serious errors occur in the movement sequences, which result in a high risk of injury or lack of effectiveness. Kickboxing should only be learned under the guidance of a licensed trainer. The partner training and the sparring are of particular importance in order to get a feel for the applicability and effect of the techniques.

So, kickboxing only with the help of books or videos is not recommended. Training without a training partner would be like learning to play football without football. But there are books that give you one or the other tip on technology and tactics in addition to the regular training that you did not know so.

How long does it take to learn kickboxing?

Depends on several factors:

Training Quality
Time & Effort Investments
Level of Goals

3 Most Important Factors
As in any sport, kickboxing also depends on the quality of the trainer and the training environment. What experience does the trainer bring with him and how can he convey this experience during training? How is the gym equipment? Are there any recordable boxing bags, claws and trainings posters? A good trainer and optimal training conditions increase the training quality and can thus contribute to a faster learning progress.

Other important factors in your own development in kickboxing are time and effort. More training can lead to faster training results. More endurance, speed and relaxation, in other words an increased fitness, promote the learning of new techniques. The martial arts fitness can improve anyone outside the official training times at home, for example, when jumping rope, punching bag training or jaw training.

The speed with which you learn kickboxing ultimately depends on your own goals. The higher the goals, the higher the motivation to get better faster. In addition, competitors or those who want to be trained in most clubs more intense than recreational athletes. The prestige idea often plays an important role, so that your own club members perform as well as possible at competitions.

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