Boxing/Kick Boxing Training for Kids

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Not every child is a born football or basketball player. Team sports are popular, but they do not always meet the needs of boys and girls. If you are looking for something different, you should take a look at martial arts. Boxing is the new trend that many parents are discovering for their offspring. Because boxing can have a very positive effect on the self-confidence of your child.

Does your child often acts out? Is it often annoyed by others? Is it a hobby in sports? Is there nothing wrong? Then a martial art could help to improve its appearance. Whether it is for taekwondo, judo or karate, is indifferent. When children in sports have a sense of achievement, it often affects their self-esteem. They feel better, dare to be more and react cooler to insults or ridicule. Boxing is becoming increasingly popular at the moment, which is why we are introducing this trend sport a little closer.

Even children can benefit from joining a boxing club

From the age of seven or eight, parents can register their children in a boxing school or a boxing club, depending on their place of residence. But boxing is not synonymous with competitions in which one fights against each other, at least not with younger children. Boxing for kids is about a broad, basic sports education, which is characterized by ball and movement games as well as by fitness exercises. Contactless partner exercises and training on a punching bag or mat are of course also practice content, so that punch combinations as well as defense and avoidance techniques (avoidance) are learned. If it turns out that some children have a lasting interest in the competition box, they can then train specifically afterwards

Competitions are Available Early

Right to the point, it’s earliest from ten. Then you can after the competition rules of boxing in German (as an example) states that after a minimum of half years basic training in an amateur boxing club your kid can enter official fights. A health check is also a prerequisite for the start of the competition phase. Your child may then enter the ring, but it does not have to! If it still wants to exercise boxing as a fitness training, it can do it as long as it wants.

Only opponents of the same age and weight class as well as the same gender may compete against each other.

Good protective clothing is important

In battles (betting or sparring) the classic protective clothing is used. It consists of a mouthguard, with the boys among other things still from the Tiefschutz, with the girls from the Brustschutz and a head protection. Not to forget the bandages and boxing gloves, with which the little fighters only feel like real boxers.

Thai and kickboxing are not suitable for children

Boxing is considered a dangerous, brutal, somewhat dubious sport and has the stable smell of the underworld. Therefore, parents should be well informed before they register their child in an association. Thai boxing is not the same as boxing.

  • Classic boxing fights with protective clothing and only fists can be used.
  • When Thai boxing that looks very different. Here, the full body use is allowed – and the risk of injury accordingly much higher. Because except the boxing gloves no body protection is worn.
  • Beating and kicking are the main features of kickboxing. This form of martial arts – a mix of karate, taekwondo and boxing – comes from the USA

Thai and kickboxing are not suitable for children.

Pros of boxing training for children

  1. A boxing exercise generally promotes exercise and fitness, as do other sports.
  2. As with any other martial art, the training promotes self-confidence.
  3. The training channels the desire of many children, especially boys, into physical conflict. “Fighting” is consciously directed.
  4. Coordination, agility and responsiveness are built.
  5. The children learn to use their power purposefully.

Cons of boxing training for children

  1. May incite aggressive tendencies
  2. Outside the boxing ring, children do not wear protective clothing when measuring each other. This may increase the risk of injury.
  3. Children without proper knowledge of body protection can be easily injured.

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